PLEASE NOTE: The ABCA would like to advise all puppy buyers that puppies advertised on the ABCA website and the ABCA Forum are bred by Breeders registered with the ABCA. Admin would also like to let every puppy buyer know that it is in fact the responsibility of the breeder to register their puppies. The ABCA is in no way responsible if your breeder does not register their litter. We would like you to contact Admin if you have any problems with ABCA registered pups or ABCA registered breeders. Paperwork is processed within 4 weeks once Admin receive ALL required information from the breeder.


Ask the breeder of your puppy if they have sent in their paperwork yet.

 Attention Breeders: Litters not registered by the age of 6 months will not be issued with breed certificates.

ALL PUPS MUST NOW BE MICROCHIPPED before issued Breed Certificates.  

* Litters already born before you become an ABCA paid member will no longer be issued with breed certificates by the ABCA.




Please check on our breeders listing page for litters due.


Female 14 months old, will be desexed prior to leaving.


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 For more information on either girl please call Jamie:

Mobile: 0438 310633




Rehoming Required - location VIC. 


5 year old Male neutered Aussie Bulldog.

D.O.B 13/01/2010

Registered name: BOSMAN BOONE

Never been aggressive at all and I find him to be a happily over enthused dog who loves a cuddle. He is located in Spotswood, Vic PC 3015.

He is free to a good home as I want what is best for him. He will come with his prized toys and blankets.


Contact details are:


Scott Thompson

Tel: 03-9335 1857 (during business hours)

Mob: 0403-657411 (after hours)



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